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1. DIY Queen

2. I love active sports, especially in Arizona. Bicycling, hiking and skiing are my go-to activities, of course when it is not 120F outside  

3. I was born in Germany, raised in Russia and have lived in USA since 2011

4. I could see myself becoming a stand up comedian if this Photography gig doesn't work out

5. If you like spicy food we will be best friends

6. Inspired by sunlight but most productive by night

7. Was raised by Disney, traumatized by Bambi, and now forced to watch Cars on an everyday basis by my toddler

8. Modern day hippy mom, allowing my child to be a little dictator

9. Since becoming a mom i can find everything in my purse from toys and diapers to random objects such as rocks and sticks even when my child is not around. 

10. You can talk with me about any adult cartoon out there. I think i have watched them all

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"I see life through bright colors"



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