A wonderful maternity session


Vanessa and Jake were my dream clients! My photo session with them didn’t feel like work at all. Although we had never met in person, it was more like reuniting and having a great time with old friends. In the days leading up to the session, I didn’t expect it to be this way at all. I was very very nervous! Vanessa had reached out to me to inquire about a desert photo session. She used to live in Arizona but now calls New Jersey home. Although she may be living in the garden state, her heart still belongs to this cacti filled land lit with bright sun almost 365 days a year. It was here that she wanted to have her maternity session set against the desert scenery to celebrate her baby. 

I felt so honored that she chose me to be her photographer! I had to bring my best, there could be no room for mistakes. I checked my gear and the weather forecasts countless times to ensure that the session would go as well as could be. 

Finally the time came and we all met at the site. It was an instant click! Vanessa and Jake have wonderful easy-going personalities. Their joking around added levity to the session and made it even more fun for us all. Usually I am the one who makes people feel comfortable on photo sessions, but this time they had so much contagious energy. It was so touching seeing Jake’s fascination of Vanessa’s baby bump, highlighted by her beautiful long maternity dress. She was truly stunning. It seemed like he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. A few times I I had to remind him to take his eyes off of her and look at the camera.

At the start of the session Jake was not so comfortable (sorry guys this is true of most men), and i could sense that he was only present at the photo session to please Vanessa. As we progressed with them moving from pose to pose, he especially shined when I asked him to dance with and twirl her. He changed instantly and became very involved in the process! He is a wonderful dancer and I loved how he gently led while appearing very loving. The chemistry between them is amazing. I wish every expecting couple could experience it. I am so happy that my job gives me the opportunity to meet and connect to wonderful people like Vanessa and Jake.

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