Say yes to the dress!


You may know already that clothes can make a huge impact on how you feel. For myself, it took a photoshoot with my mom to really understand just how important it is.

First of all, even though I am a photographer I have never taken professional pictures of my parents. EVER! Can you imagine? Shame on me – the thought of offering a professional photoshoot to my parents never crossed my mind. When my mom came to visit on her own I thought it could be the perfect opportunity.

I have found that many women do not know what to wear for a photo session. They spend time before a session googling examples of other photo sessions or scrolling through Pinterest. Unfortunately it is not very helpful and can make the choice even more nerve-racking. The first choice for many of my friends and clients is JEANS! My mom was not an exception. I explained that jeans wouldn’t be the best fit for her photos, and that a long dress would be so much better. The only problem was that she has no long dresses, they just don’t fit her personality. She is very adventurous and always on the go. So we picked out a cute blush dress that she loves and knows she looks great in! Because this was her first photo session she was very shy in front of camera. It took a lot of my jokes and poses to make her feel comfortable and I had to work hard to get a good shots. It was fun but not easy. 

Here is the final product! Doesn’t she look happy?!

I continued thinking how it would be great to take pictures of her in a long dress. So we visited the desert botanical garden for photo shoot number 2! This time she wore a long dress with a belt. She clearly felt very good and I could see her posture change. I did not have to remind her to not slouch and keep her hands in certain way. Even more surprising was that I did not have to instruct every single pose or tell silly jokes. She acted like a model, you could see she felt feminine. The long dress gave her a lot of movement, she fell confident and wanted to twirl. She was acting like a pro, as if she practices in front of the mirror and has a session every day! I assure you that she does not do this, I made sure that she was busy with her grandchild :). Her posture was almost regal, her movement was soft and she came up with so many beautiful angles. As a photographer and daughter it was a pure joy to watch. I just kept clicking!

Bottom line – every woman should consider wearing a long dress for a photo shoot because you will feel feminine, confident and beautiful! Ladies, say yes to the dress!

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