In-home Lifestyle Photo Session with Danielle


I love in-home photo sessions, especially if they are with kids. Photo sessions with kids are always chaotic and unpredictable, thus very fun. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing relaxed parents surrounded by kids in the comfort of their own home… at least as relaxed as you can be with young kids anyway! Taking family pictures outside can produce beautiful results, but there is something special about having your pictures taken in your home. In-home lifestyle sessions magnify the warmth and happiness in mundane actions. You do so much as parents every day; lovingly playing with them, hugging and adoring them and smiling from the overwhelming happiness. It is nice to have some photographic memories of these times.

Danielle and I met through Instagram. I love unusual connections like this. You could say they are common in 2019 but for me, someone born in late 80s, it is still not very typical of my relationships. We became friends through our semi-frequent chats and I learned so much about her life and adorable kids through her instagram account. She is a wonderful and very special person with such a range of interests. From Upholstery to cooking and sharing her daughter’s love of tow mater from the movie Cars – you just want to get to know more and more about her.

Danielle had me visit her home to photograph her family, and her husband Billy and kids Gigi & baby Henry showed me around. I thought that I knew them before the introduction (thanks social media!) but they were even better people in person. I fell in love with Gigi & Henry. Gigi is a very energetic and charismatic little girl and Henry is a very adorable and smiley little boy. I adore how great parents Billy and Danielle are. Though Billy is very tall and masculine he shows so much tenderness and love toward his kids. The way he looks at both them and Danielle is as a proud dad filled with love. Danielle has an amazing sense of style and their house is a perfect place for in-home sessions. I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing them – there is so much love in this house!

Here are some of my favorite pictures!


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