Newborn lifestyle session with baby Caleb


Once you become a parent you secretly wish that all of your childless friends could start having kids too. Maybe its selfish, but you want to connect with them on that deeper level that is only possible through the remarkable shared experience of parenthood. With that in mind, Michael and I were SO excited when our friends Scott and Kenna announced that they would be having a baby!

They were one of the first and closest friends I was introduced to by my husband, before we were married and on my first trip to Arizona. They are the sweetest people I have ever met. They warmly opened the doors of their home for us every time we visited town. It felt very special. They were also the first friends we introduced our baby to. That’s why it was so meaningful that they asked me to photograph their baby Caleb in their home.















Seeing them become parents was so endearing. Kenna looks at her son with eyes filled with love, and she cannot get enough of this charming baby boy. Scott is a very funny guy. Side story – When our son Conrad was 2 months old, he asked if babies were born blind like kittens. 🙂 Now he is a proud dad who looks at his very own son with admiration. I love seeing how people change when they become parents. It is impossible to not enjoy a newborn. They are so little just once. You blink and they look very different.




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