Photo Session with Samantha in a Rose Garden



I first met Samantha at a Christian mom’s group. She immediately grabbed my attention by sharing stories about her travels in Asia. I love traveling and talking about different experiences in a raw and honest way. It’s so much better than someone describing an experience by saying “oh its lovely”. Her honesty made me want to know more. Later, I thought about how well her inner beauty matches her physical when she spoke about her Aunt & family. You could call it a girl crush! 




I was ecstatic when she shared that she is expecting baby number #2. My first though was.. ROSES! I desperately want to take her maternity pics in a rose garden! It was such luck that her bump became apparent when roses started to bloom and the weather was tolerable, because we live in Arizona and you are limited when the temperature hits triple digits.



Right after the shelter-in-place order was lifted we had to act fast before the roses said goodbye until next season. We met at a stunning rose garden in Mesa, which was drastically different from all of the beautiful desert scenes that I’ve shot. When you think Arizona, I bet that you would not think about roses. But rose oasis’ exist here and they are stunning!




I absolutely loved Samantha’s maternity glow! She looked stunning. I squealed in excitement from behind my camera the whole time (I am a very loud picture taker btw). I hope that you are as excited to see the pictures as I was to take them!


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