Once you become a parent you secretly wish that all of your childless friends could start having kids too. Maybe its selfish, but you want to connect with them on that deeper level that is only possible through the remarkable shared experience of parenthood. With that in mind, Michael and I were SO excited when […]

Newborn lifestyle session with baby Caleb


I love in-home photo sessions, especially if they are with kids. Photo sessions with kids are always chaotic and unpredictable, thus very fun. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing relaxed parents surrounded by kids in the comfort of their own home… at least as relaxed as you can be with young kids […]

In-home Lifestyle Photo Session with Danielle


You may know already that clothes can make a huge impact on how you feel. For myself, it took a photoshoot with my mom to really understand just how important it is. First of all, even though I am a photographer I have never taken professional pictures of my parents. EVER! Can you imagine? Shame […]

Say yes to the dress!


Vanessa and Jake were my dream clients! My photo session with them didn’t feel like work at all. Although we had never met in person, it was more like reuniting and having a great time with old friends. In the days leading up to the session, I didn’t expect it to be this way at […]

A wonderful maternity session


If you are a professional, you have most likely been faced with the challenge of finding a good headshot to use for LinkedIn, your website, or social media. As nice as that picture of you on vacation may be though, there comes a time for all of us when we find ourselves in need of […]

Taking your best headshot

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